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autmn [Nov. 14th, 2004|11:35 pm]
The Uncle Tupelo Community!


This seems like a good time of year for Uncle Tupelo. I discovered them in the summer, but they seem to have a very fallish quality. What do you think is the best season for Uncle Tupelo? Of course, you'll probably say all year, but I think seasons have a lot to do with music. Maybe that's just me.

[User Picture]From: twotonevespa
2004-11-18 08:24 pm (UTC)
Fall and winter are always the best time for the slower stuff that they have, i.e. March 16-20, 1992, and the like. The rest, the more punk rock stuff is year round. Fall and winter is also a good time of year for Son Volt, and early Wilco.
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